Starting from 1 BHK – 50 Sq. yd. 2 BHK – 100 Sq. yd. 3 BHK – 150 Sq. yd.


Bedrooms have been designed to assure solace and comfort which reflects in our cool color combinations, graceful décor and adequate provisions for natural light and fresh air. The option to choose your choicest shades gives you a chance to reflect your personality. Only standard quality wood work in doors and windows finds place in bedrooms.


Latest bathing concepts define the bathrooms. The splendor of the bathrooms speaks of an aesthetic blend of elegance and durability. Our trusted and standard fittings have been in plumbing and electrical gadgetry. You can go for your own standard of finishing rules to give your bathrooms a personal touch.


Modular kitchens with quality hardware and electrical fittings make your cooking corner a cool place in your house. Adequate space with intelligent cabinet planning assures you a delightful cooking experience. Of course, you will have the final word in designing your kitchen.